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“PKD – SciFi Writer Who Fires Hollywood’s Imagination”

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“Philip K. Dick isn’t really Hollywood’s favorite dead author. It only seems that way.”

“The bottom line for Hollywood when it comes to Dick is that Success breeds success.”  ~ Gordon van Gelder, Editor Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and administers the annual Philip K. Dick Award for sci-fi writing.

The writer at work. Shea Whigham who plays Phil in Radio Free Albemuth.

Washington Post Article written by Beale. Read the entire article.

Washington Post Comments on PKD Article.


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Excerpts from David Gill’s TOTAL DICK-HEAD article on the relevance of  Philip K. Dick’s novel, RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, and praising the excellence of John Alan Simon’s film adaptation of RFA.

Awesome adaptation.”

“When the Egyptian government started rounding up journalists last week, in my mind I kept going back to the movie, which does an amazing job of capturing the maddening injustice of a government working against its people.”

“Simon is able to forefront the human drama in RFA by building the narrative around Nick and Phil’s friendship. As a result, the plot develops out of the characters rather than a science-fictional idea. This is one of the most interesting things that separates RFA from other adaptations of PKD’s work: while Hollywood most often simply lifts one of PKD’s SF concepts and grafts it into Keanu-Cruise computer-generated green-screen action flick with car chases, RFA eschews all of that in favor of the rich interpersonal drama of this friendship.”

“Amid all the high-stakes drama of the Egyptian protests and their foreign policy ramifications, it’s easy to forget that what you are seeing on TV is a human drama, that the protests are made up not of demands but of people who want justice. Those aren’t actors on your screen, and it isn’t fake blood. It’s an important thing to remember and Simon’s adaptation of RFA in both form and content reminds us that this overarching concern with the human element in any situation is often at the core of Dick’s fiction. I’m excited that one way or another, Dick-heads are going to get a chance to see this movie.”

“Boardwalk Empire” Wins SAG Ensemble Cast Award

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Congratulations to Shea Whigham (‘Phil’ in Radio Free Albemuth) and the rest of the Boardwalk Empire cast, who were honored with SAG ‘Actor’ Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Shea plays Steve Buscemi’s (‘Nucky’) corrupt police chief brother Elias ‘Eli’ Thompson. Boardwalk Empire also won a Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series. Martin Scorsese took home a DGA award for directing Boardwalk Empire.

Shea Whigham’s performance in Radio Free Albemuth was honored with Best Actor at the Sydney Fantastic Planet Film Festival in November.