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RFA Wins BEST FEATURE FILM Award – Renovation Festival

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Radio Free Albemuth screened after the Hugo Award Ceremony. Passionate Philip K. Dick fans in attendance that loved the film. Q & A with writer/director John Alan Simon and CoProducer Elizabeth Karr went until 2 a.m.

Philip K. Dick and Religion: sketch of first impressions from the RFA movie

Adaptation Workshop at Worldcon by John Alan Simon — With Special Guest Tim Powers

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John Alan Simon, screenwriter, director and producer of the new film Radio Free Albemuth will discuss adapting one of science fiction’s cult novels for the cinema. He will be joined by Renovation Guest of Honor Tim Powers. Along the way they will answer questions and attempt to cover the process of writing an adaptation vs. original screenplay, the author-screenwriter relationship and strategies to employ for successfully translating a novel or short story to the screen. Variety on Radio Free Albemuth: “Engrossing adaptation”….”the narrative delivers satisfying intrigue and suspense”…….”Should connect strongly with Philip K. Dick’s fanbase and attract upscale auds seeking sci-fi with political and philosophical substance.”

Sunday, August 21, 2011 10 am Renovation WorldCon

Renovation – The 69th World Science Fiction Convention Program

Radio Free Albemuth on Film Courage

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Writer/Director/Producer John Alan Simon and CoProducer Elizabeth Karr sit down with David Branin and Karen Worden on Film Courage LATalkRadio Sunday, August 7, Noon PST.

Film Courage just named “Top 10 Podcasts for Filmmakers.” by MovieMaker magazine!
Listen Live on LATalk Radio – Channel 2

Radio Free Albemuth Raves From Perth

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Perth Revelation Film Festival Review

“The performances in Radio Free Albemuth are all very strong and the story is really engaging up until the last frame. Alanis Morissette turns in a solid performance as Sylvia, a woman who helps Nick along his path of transcendent realization…”

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