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13 Responses to “Variety Review – RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH”

  1. Ray says:

    Met director and producer last night at The Arist. Great conversation about books and movies. Can’t wait to see this.

  2. adroid7 says:

    Great review! Please release this movie!!!!!!!!

  3. Asimov says:

    This has got mean it will be in theaters right?

  4. Jaylynne says:

    You gotta releawse this!!

  5. Alfred says:


  6. Patrica23Jensen says:

    Wow. When is Radio Free Albemuth coming out?

  7. FannyR says:

    I gotta see this!!!

  8. WARREN says:

    Great review in Variety. Congratulations.

  9. FosterT says:

    Wow. Wanna see this!

  10. Stacy25 says:

    Want to see this!! When are you coming to Boston?

  11. [...] Free Albemuth is hailed by Variety as an “engrossing adaption, well performed, that should connect strongly with Philip K. Dick’s [...]

  12. KimCANTU27 says:

    I liked RFA as much as any adaptation of Dick’s work. Thought you caught it.

  13. Pandemonium says:

    Bring this movie to Austin!!!!

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