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Danish journalist Kristian Lindberg says of RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH:

“…the narrative is crystal clear, logical and forward-moving. The film also delves into the question of how to preserve your humanity in a world that is ravaged and corrupted by oppression.” (Kristian Lindberg, Berlingske, Denmark)

Radio Free Albemuth writer/director/producer John Alan Simon interviewed by Kristian Lindberg for one of Denmark’s leading newspaper, Berlingske.

Radio Free Albemuth invited to screen at Danish Film Institute’s Philip K. Dick Retrospective on November 17 and 26. in Copenhagen. Other PKD films screening are Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Total Recall, Adjustment Bureau.

4 Responses to “Berlingske on RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH”

  1. ASTRO says:

    I want to watch again. Respect what director did. He shoud make more movies. I wish he had been in person there but skype is good.

  2. Charmaine25 says:

    I heard director is giving master class at Institute. When is that?

  3. MarciA says:

    I liked your film a lot. Am reading Exegesis now. Surprised how much of PKD’s actiual experiences are in the book/movie.

  4. Rhoda26 says:

    I hope you bring the film back to Denmark!

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